Sunday, October 12, 2014

Visiting the Farm

What happens when a bunch of city-folk drive an hour through the beautiful rolling hills of Virginia,  and head to a farm for the day?    

Well, in this case, they had a {mostly} UDDER-ly great time! 

The kids bounced around,  

played with friends, 

went on a hayride, 

picked fresh apples straight off the tree, 

and in general just enjoyed being together in the fresh country air.
While it was mostly fun, there were a few hiccups with how they ran things that made me a little grumpy.   I even had a little melt-down at the check-out when buying our apples when the worker was rude and condescending to me.   We resolved our misunderstanding in the end and it was okay, but next time I think I will either stick with city-life or visit a much less commercialized part of the country! 


On another note, here's a cute picture of Ellie with Spencer's girlfriend, Erin, who dropped by the other day and became an honorary judge on our family version of Cutthroat Kitchen.   



Pulitzer Mama said...

You are welcome to come visit the Reynolds farm here in Lexington any time! We live in an old farmhouse on about 30 acres, with creeks, old barns, chickens. . and no snooty apple sellers. Come and enjoy our front porch!


Lara said...

We may very well take you up on your offer sometime! Lexington isn't too far past Harrisonburg and we'd love to see you again!

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