Friday, June 29, 2007

Boston Adventures Part 4: Duck Tour--Quack!

On our final day in Boston we decided that we would try one their famous "Duck Tours". These unusual looking vehicles are actual amphibious vehicles from World War 2, and really drive on the streets and then down a ramp into the Charles River where it becomes a boat. People on the streets quack and wave liberally whenever of these "ducks" drives by, and the guides encourage the passengers to respond with our own loud quacks.

Despite our guide's constant jabs at the male gender (or maybe because of them °Ü° ), and frequent insults of people on the street, she really was hilarious and very informative. We saw the entire city in 90 minutes and the best part of all for the kids...

she let them actually drive the boat!

Spence, Cam, and Emma actually had to use their skills and steered...Spence even guided the boat under a bridge between the pilings. Adam & Ellie (our guide kept calling her "Cindy Lou Who") just moved the steering wheel back and forth in the open water and loved every second of it.

PS If you never saw Part 3 of our Boston Adventures, because it got covered up by a little sibling rivalry...just look past all the goofy posts and you'll find it.

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Aitch said...

Sounds like a lot of fun. Glad to hear your kiddos are so talented at steering boats--should come in handy when you come to MN and spend a week on the lake!

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