Monday, June 4, 2007

Cami's campaign for student council elections!!

Cami's campaign sign, using the same slogan Glen used to win
President of DECA elections in HS and VP of accounting honor
society, Beta Alpha Psi at BYU

Here is Cami's speech:

Good morning! My name is Cami Goold and I am running for the SCA position of Vice President. I think I would be a good Vice President because I have two years of SCA experience, I am not scared to talk in front of people, and I am creative. What I want to do in the SCA next year is have more spirit days, more after school activity nights. More language, club, and spirit day choices for the whole school. I want to have more language choices because many of us wanted to have an option on the language we get to learn. The world is a big place and it would be nice to be able to learn a variety of languages. I think there should be more clubs because we all have different interests and a lot of them can be easily put into clubs that we don’t have. Like cooking and many other things that people might have interests in. I want more spirit days because we have such a great school like Fairhill and we need to show our spirit more often. That’s why I think I should be Vice President. VOTE FOR ME!


Ashby said...

Way to go Cami!!! I bet she did a great job!

Aitch said...

You've got my vote Cam!

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