Thursday, June 14, 2007

Athlete of the year and more

So we got a phone call from Spencer's gym teacher the other day, which definitely was a first for me. I immediately thought that he must've been injured during class or something. Fortunately my first instinct was not correct and the phone call was to invite us to the PE awards assembly at their school (also a first for us).
Cami & Spencer both received National Fitness awards
(one step below Presidential, but still pretty cool)
And the coolest of all...Spencer was chosen by his PE teachers as the male athlete of the year for his school. It is awarded to the student who best exemplifies being a good athlete, a good student, and exhibiting good sportsmanship. His teachers summed it up by explaining that the award was given to the person they'd most want to be on their team playing sports.

He got the cool trophy and his name on a plaque that will memorialize his accomplishment for many years to come in the hallways of his school! He proclaims that he's really excited about it, but you couldn't tell by the reaction he gave when they called his name. He HATES attention being drawn to him and this was a whole lot of attention and loud cheers all directed at him, and now I'm blogging all about it...he'll be so excited!


Twinkies said...

Way to go Spencer and Cami!! Athlete of the year is quite an accomplishment -- good job Spencer!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Sweeeeeeeeeeet! Good job Jazz man!

We are proud of you Spence. Another great athlete in the family-just like your dad and mom (did you know that your mom was captain of her cross-country and track team in HS?), and your uncles, etc.

Congratulations! A great honor.

Love, Grandpa and Grandma

snowyone said...

Congratulations Spence and Cami! An especially great accomplishment is the Great Athlete award. Lara and Glenn you have wonderful kids and I love all their names. Aaron and Trish are so happy to be living near you all...thanks so much for all that you do for them. We love you, Aunt Sherri

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