Thursday, June 7, 2007

Letterboxing: Good family fun!

What is letterboxing? In case you haven’t noticed the link we have listed under our hobbies, letterboxing is one of our family’s favorite pastimes.

Basically letterboxing combines a hike with a treasure hunt. An actual letterbox is a waterproof container that contains a hand carved rubber stamp and a logbook.

We pick somewhere we’d like to visit (usually parks with hiking trails) and we find the nearby letterboxes listed on website and print off the clues on how to find them. They are hidden in and around trees and rocks near walking/hiking trails in many parks. We’ve been to many amazing and beautiful places in hunt of a letterbox.

Can you see the letterbox hidden right at Emma's feet in this picture?

Once you find a letterbox you stamp their stamp into your own logbook and stamp your own family stamp into the box’s logbook. You sign your trail name, where you’re from, and the date. It’s a wonderful way to get outside with the family, and you can’t beat the price…FREE!

If you are inspired to try it yourself then buy a small notebook (for the logbook), a stamp (store bought or hand carved), and an ink pad (your only expenses) and then print off some clues…and happy letterboxing trails to you!

Make sure you let us know how your adventure goes.

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Deanne said...

This sounds great. I'll have to try it sometime. Thanks for the idea!

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