Thursday, June 21, 2007

Spontaneous trip to Boston...

School let out on Monday and Glen had a work conference up in Boston on Tuesday. Since we'd never been to Boston before we decided to tag along with him and take advantage of a hotel room paid for courtesy of Glen's work.
Boston is a gorgeous city full of fascinating history and we've done our best to see it all. We've logged a lot of miles on our walking shoes and walked through 3 thunderstorms, but we're all still hanging in there!
The only negative is that the kids are completely wired trying to sleep in the hotel room. Ellie goes to bed each night and spends about an hour, no kidding, giggling and trying to initiate conversations with the rest of us. Throwing her pillow and blankie out of her bed are also popular bed time delayers. I don't think anyone's been to bed before 11pm all week. And lucky me --Glen leaves for Asia on Saturday, so I'll get the exhausted kids by myself at home.
Look for pictures and updates sometime this weekend or Monday.


snowyone said...

Lara, you've got a great site! You've got to talk to Trisha and Aaron about starting a blog.

Twinkies said...

If you want you can drop the kids off here and go spend the day at the outlets anytime this week. Or if you want to go anywhere on your own just let me know and I'll come watch your kiddos.

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