Saturday, June 30, 2007

Boston Adventures Part 5: The Way Home

We heard stories about how delicious real Bostonian ice cream was, and being a family full of sweet tooths we decided that before we left we needed to sample some for ourselves. We made it a goal to go to a non-chain ice cream shop, so we could taste the real Bostonian deal. After a consultation with our hotel's concierge, we headed off to a real tasty sounding ice cream shop...JP Licks (doesn't the name sound like it would be a yummy place?).
After a long frustrating ordeal, getting checked out of our hotel and looking for a place to eat lunch first, we finally got to our destination, JP Licks. We excitedly ordered, collapsed into a booth, and began enjoying some delicious, creamy ice cream when we notice on the wall, all of the accolades the restaurant has various cities. Darn it! Definitely a chain. Oh well, so we didn't get true Bostonian ice cream, it was still tasty, and as far as I know not in Virginia.
We had given each of the children an allotment of money to buy their souvenirs with. Adam, in particular, had a hayday with this and cheerfully frittered his allotment on a wide sundry of items to include: a penguin pen holder, a lobster magnet, a squishy Red Sox ball and bat, and a box of Scooby Doo Band-Aids. He carried his items with him everywhere and showed them off to anyone who would pay attention. Of course now that we're home I'd be shocked if he knew where any of them are.

We got out of Boston a little later than we hoped and got caught in the afternoon rush hour leaving Boston. Finally free of Boston we got caught in an awful NYC back-up. What should've been an 8 hour trip became 11 hours...bringing us home at 2am.

The kids all sacked out pretty well, but since Glen was leaving for Asia at 9am that same morning, Glen & I had to unload the car, do laundry, and get him packed, etc. before he left. The math isn't tricky...that didn't leave much time for sleeping for Glen and me.

It really was a wonderful trip and though I felt like we crammed so many fun things into our trip, we already have a long list forming for what we'd like to see and do next time we get to visit again.


Grandpa-Grandma said...

The pic of Cami and Spencer zonked out in the back seat is a classic!

Thanks for sharing the pix of your wonderful little mini-vacation to Boston.

We love your blog sites. Thanks for setting the example for your sibs, as we love Pete & Mika's, Tom & Kristina's, and Matt & Kareys as well!!

Love, Dad-Mom

Lara said...

I guess I should've labeled the back seat picture a little better...

that's actually Adam, Spencer, & Emma (left to right)

...Cami was totally lying down across the cooler with her head on Ellie's seat (out of sight)

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