Sunday, June 3, 2007

Preschool soapbox...

This is my eighth year in a row participating in a home preschool group with my kids. Somehow I’ve ended up the unofficial coordinator of all the groups in our ward and adjoining ward. Each year it has become more and more rewarding for me and I have never once regretted the time or effort that it takes to be an integral part of teaching my preschool aged children.
Adam at the end of another year (2 down 1 more to go)

That time kids have at home with their mom is way too short to send them off to be taught by others who are probably much less qualified anyway, not to mention that they don’t know your child’s interests and learning style, nor do they have the same values I’m trying to instill in my children.

A shot of this year's preschool group (minus one).

AnnaLisa finally talked Adam into wearing shorts and a tshirt, but it was a one time occasion. He went home and
immediately changed and hasn't worn short sleeves since. But could this be a crack in the armor?

Our home preschool groups consist of 5-7 students and each mom takes a week teaching preschool at their home that week. This year we had mother “experts”—for instance I always taught about heroes at our house, like George Washington, Helen Keller, Thomas Jefferson, Christopher Columbus, etc. Another mother focused her teachings on music—teaching them to play the recorder, to recognize the different instrumental sounds in Peter and the Wolf, the musical alphabet, etc. The other focuses were science and nature, character development, geography, art, and seasons/holidays. Of course still learning all the other preschool skills of numbers, letter sounds, singing songs, taking turns, and much more.

Summary: I love our home preschool and I think it’s been a very good thing for my children (and myself).

…now off my soapbox…

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