Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy day!

It was an early morning wake-up call for us this morning, but no one seemed to mind too much! The kids were dressed and ready for the day in record time and I'm not quite so sure who was happier about the new school year--me or them!

Cami began her reign as "Madame President" with a big smile on her face!

Emma was so excited about 2nd grade that she came home today and demanded that since she hadn't gotten any homework that I make her some math worksheets! (I wish some of my other kids would ask me for some math practice once in a while!)

Adam was so giddy about starting kindergarten he was hanging out in front of the house with his backpack on 45 minutes before the bus was scheduled to come. He came home a little tired, but just as enthusiastic about his day tomorrow and also quite concerned that he didn't have any homework yet!

The only sad person about all of this was poor Ellie who was beside herself with boredom and wouldn't leave my feet the entire day. Thankfully preschool will be starting soon and hopefully she'll learn to enjoy her new found Mommy time.


Denise said...

It's so fun to see them get big and go off to school!

I can't believe Adam in in Kindergarten.

Wow, time flies!

Rosanna-Steve said...

Ahh, those wonderful quiet moments when school finally begins again.

Poor Ellie-so lonely around there without Adam, Emma, and Cami.

Agree that it's hard to believe that Adam's already in kindergarten

Hope everyone has a great year!

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

Pete said...

I am sure that Lauren and McKenzie would be happy to come and keep Ellie company.

Deanne said...

No Spencer? I imagine he wasn't quite as cooperative with the morning pictures?

Glad everyone made it back to school happily. Sophie starts pre-school next week and is super excited!

Charlene said...

only one at home? are you doing the preschool with other moms?

annalisa said...

i also can't believe adam is in kindergarten! and cami is class president and emma's just so cute!

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