Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lost Cause!

Spencer: "Mom! I can't find my football jersey anywhere! I need it now!"

Me [busy making dinner]: "Have you tried your drawer?"

Spencer [in annoyed, impatient tone]: "Yes!"

Me: "Have you looked in the dryer?"

Spencer: "Mom!? You've never once washed my football jersey!"

Me: "Hmmmm....that's true. Have you looked in your, uh, pile?"

Spencer [in complete exasperation]: "Yeah, it's not there either!"

Me [starting to get a little annoyed myself]: "Okay...let me come help you."

Spencer [yelling across the house]: "I found it!"

So, where was it?

Sad thing about all this, even though I was the one who'd hung it up there in the first place, it was the last place either one of us thought to look for it.

Sadder still...Spencer is still bitter at me for hanging it up in the first place. He claims that he can never find anything when I try to organize his stuff.

Um, yeah, we could use a little organizational intervention around here!


Denise said...

LOL! Why is it we NEVER look in the place it's SUPPOSED to be? I guess cause we never put our things away...and then the one time we do!

I feel your pain here!

Charlene said...

LOL! that would happen to me. Roger says I have organized mess. I know exactly where everything is, and when he tries to "help" by organizing my stuff-I can never find anything!

JenJ said...

Sounds familiar!
What we always lose are the flags (we are still in flag football with Ben) and the mouthpiece. And the white practice pants!! What is the matter with these people? Who ever heard of practicing in white pants????

The Busby Family said...

That is so funny, Kelly can never find anything either, I have to find it for him.

Rosanna said...

Oh the memories! Not sure how far back your remembrances go, but I used to fold up all the family laundry straight out of the dryer-segregate them into individual neatly folded piles to deliver to the various bedrooms.

Invariably later in the week I would find the same neatly folded clothes in the dirty laundry-never worn and someone (usually one of your brothers) would come in early in the morning before seminary and complain that they couldn't find a certain t-shirt, etc.

A mother's work is never done!!

Love, Mom

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