Saturday, September 6, 2008


"And it came to pass that the soldier who stood by, who smote off the scalp of Zerahemnah, took up the scalp from off the ground by the hair, and laid it upon the point of his sword, and stretched it forth unto them, saying unto them with a loud voice:
Even as this scalp has fallen to the earth, which is the scalp of your chief, so shall ye fall to the earth except ye will deliver up your weapons of war and depart with a covenant of peace."

Probably one of the most disturbing verses in all of the scriptures...

but to hear it in a sweet little three year old voice as she's repeating it back for her turn in scripture reading it was hard not to smile (okay maybe snicker) at the irony of it all.


Denise said...

What a scripture for her to read! Sometimes...out of the mouth of babes...nice when it's scripture and not something else!

K said...

I always disliked those verses. So disturbing, although coming from Ellie I'm sure it did actually sound cute.

Rosanna said...

Anything coming out of Ellies mouth would be cute!


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