Monday, September 8, 2008

$65 ripoff!

Our first sign of trouble should've been when we discovered that there wasn't a Marriott within 50 miles of Somerset, PA.

Next bad sign...Holiday Inn, Days Inn, Hampton Inn, Best Western, and even Super 8 are all booked!

So what's left?

Knights' Inn...only $65 a night and has a free breakfast . Doesn't sound too bad. So what kind of hotel does $65 a night buy?... with giant centipedes...

...and a gourmet breakfast that looked just like this!

Next time we'll just go camping!


Denise said...


I want to say more but i'm too grossed out. So sorry!

Rosanna-Steve said...

Can't speak for Glen and the kiddos, but you should be used to such dumps from your childhood.

Yes, we stayed at more than a few low budget places back during the years of our poverty. Ironically, we were able to stay at some real top-end hotels while on business and holidays in Europe. And we did camp more than a few times as well (remember summer of 87 and our leaky tent in Europe?).

Of course, our most famous hotel was the famous Cucuracha Inn near the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie Hawai'i. Mom still shudders at the memory of the giant cockroach she and Heather found in the bathroom.

Thanks for the memories!

Love, Dad-Mom

Alexandra said...

All things considered, maybe it was better that breakfast was at least obviously store bought? If you want an even better ripoff, stay in a hollowed out caboose for $125 a night.

Charlene said...

Hopefully you only had to stay the one night and left early, early in the morning!

Karey said...

Yeah, so sorry about that.... Somerset may not be known for its luxurious hotels, but it's got a few other things going for it :) We're glad you braved the centipedes to come see us!!

JenJ said...

What IS that giant centepede on the floor? Is it a rug? a sticker? We had an interesting Kights Inn experience here in Texas. I think I am unimpressed with the chain.

Floyd Family said...

Classy. I always worry when they advertize "Monthly Rates"!

Lara said...

Karey, It was worth every second of the centipedes and bad doughnuts to be there for Lincoln's blessing!

Jen, I just photoshopped the giant centipede into the picture for humor...since the real ones were too fast to catch on camera!

Mom & Dad, I did have visions back to our night in La Cucaracha Inn in Hawaii...hopefully my kids will look back and laugh too!

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