Monday, September 29, 2008

Double Bonus!

One of the saddest parts of living in the East is being so far away from grandmas and grandpas. I've always been jealous of friends whose parents come for every birthday and special occasion AND even babysit their kids FOR FREE!!!! What a fun concept!

[Lest anyone feel too sorry for us having all of our parents living more than 1500 miles away, I should admit that I have a brother, cousin, and their families living about 1 hour away. In addition we have many members of Glen's extended family nearby...super fun, but still not quite the same as a grandma or grandpa!]

Since Glen's family is quite spread out and we happen to be the only ones of his immediate family living east of the Mississippi, visits from his side of the family have been few and far between. So when Grandma Sandy called recently and informed us that she AND Aunt Lara were coming to was cause for great celebration in our house!!!

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with them...the reminiscing, the perusing of old photos, laughing, getting Grandma all hooked up with a new Facebook account, and even getting Lara hooked on the Twilight series!

After Lara spent hours reading books, listening to endless three-year-old banter, and playing Barbies with Ellie...Ellie has become Aunt Lara's new biggest fan!

We got spoiled by their visit and miss them already.

Come back soon!

PS I so want to look as good as Glen's mom when I have 11 grandkids!!!


Charlene said...

How fun for you! We love when family visits us. We are lucky to live two hours away, but still gets hard to get together sometimes. We miss our other family back in Utah/Idaho.

Floyd Family said...

How wonderful!!! Living away from family gives us a greater appreciation when we do get to spend time with them. The other great part is that when family comes to visit, they don't have all the distractions of regular life to worry about!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Mom just came up with a brilliant solution for the lack of Grandpas and Grandmas in your life....move a wee bit closer!!

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