Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Welcome Lincoln ...

Meet my newest little nephew....Lincoln Beethoven Crain.

Okay, okay....I'm just kidding about the middle name. It's actually Lincoln Matthew, but he has the most amazing ear for music as I've ever witnessed in such a young child (he even loves Paul Potts). He's also exceptionally cute as you can plainly see!

I'll be the first to admit that I was a complete and total baby hog...only passing him to another set of arms with great reluctance!

Enjoying a gorgeous Sunday afternoon after church in Somerset, Pennsylvania found my brother Pete tossing his daughter Lauren into the clear blue sky! (Look at those perfectly pointed toes!)

And Spencer climbing trees (surprise, surprise!!!)

And even some good old fashioned wrestling! (Poor Lauren)

The best part of all was seeing my baby brother Matt and his sweet wife Karey totally enjoying being parents. I loved seeing how gentle and sweet they were with their little baby Lincoln...and with each other. Lincoln is definitely a blessed little guy to be born to such awesome parents!

Congratulations Matt & Karey!!!


Lincoln said...

Aunt Lara is right, my parents are really awesome. I got my cuteness from my mommy.
When can I see my cousins again?

Charlene said...

I love that picture of the little girl up in the air. It looks like her daddy is watching her up in the sky!

Rosanna-Steve said...

Thanks for the report of the wonderful weekend in Somerset with Matt, Karey, and sweet baby Lincoln

Mom and I so wanted to be there with them and all the rest of you, but just could not get away given what is going on.

Love the wonderful pix-some of which we had already seen in the smugmug section.

Love the picture of Pete and Lauren (I'd give her a 9.7 for form and artistry-but the Chinese judge will probably only give her a 8.5 because she is an American), as well as the one of Matt, Karey, and baby Lincoln.

Again, thanks for your report.

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

Pete said...

Welcome little Lincoln! Great photos Lara!

Rosanna said...

Lara, you sure look awfully content and natural holding that (almost) new born.


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