Monday, September 29, 2008

Wedding reflections

Weddings...yay! What a fun way to start your new life together. When I was in college my roommates loved to daydream about what their wedding day would be like. They had everything picked from their flowers, special songs, menu, and even colors. I, on the other hand, had never thought of any of that in my life. I dreamed of being in love and getting married, but those little details of decorations, invitations, and such were completely unimportant to me.

My mom and mother-in-law did all the planning, calling me whenever necessary...and honestly I usually just would tell them to do whatever was easiest/cheapest. I probably drove them crazy in my apathy and I'm sure I won't be a very good wedding planner when my own girls get married, but I like to think that my own nonchalance made me very easy to please. I'm sure there were little mishaps along the way (as there always are), but I don't remember any of them. In my mind everything was perfect.

So Glen's cousin was getting married this weekend. An only child. that brought his mother and sister (with the awesome name) out to the East for a visit.
The kids had a wonderful time with Grandma Sandy and Lara and felt so comfortable with them that they had no problem yelling and fighting right in front of much for making a good impression.

Ellie put Aunt Lara to work reading book after book after book (sorry Lara) and playing elaborate Barbie/doll house imaginative play. Aunt Lara was a good sport and Ellie is definitely enamored!

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