Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kicking Butt!!

After Spencer's football team totally shut out their opponents 13-0,

thanks, in part, to Spencer's awesome tackling skills...

we were so excited that our other favorite football team totally shut out UCLA 59-0!!!!!!!

(yeah that's us hanging out in our jammies while Adam took a picture of us in our full BYU glory)



Kim said...

You are becoming a football mommy!! As for the Cougars! Yes!!! Yes!! Yes!!

Deon said...

Woo hoo! Go Cougars!!And, Spencer's team of course!!

Charlene said...

Is that a huge "Y" on your wall? You guys must be HUGE BYU fans!

annalisa said...

good job spence on winning your game! that's awesome! and go cougars!

annalisa said...

and good job adam on the photo taking skills!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Talk about "trading places" envy. Really wish I could've been there for Spencers game and I bet that Glen & Spencer wish they could've been there with us for the BYU game.

And yes Charlene-that is indeed a huge block Y on Spencer's wall, although I am not certain what it stands for-maybe YMCA or Yale.

Spencer, your uncles Pete and Matt who have seen you practice say that you are awesome. Maybe someday we can watch you play for BYU!!

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

Steve said...

Speaking of the BYU-UCLA game, Pete, Nate and I kept pinching each other wondering whether or not we were dreaming. It was so unreal as everything kept falling BYU's way. Literally an almost perfect game. One for the ages!!

Can you imagine a team that converts almost 80% of its 3rd downs? Amazing offence. Now, we can only hope that the defense continues to step up.

This could be a magical year-if we don't grow complacent and slip up.

Love, Grandpa

Spence said...

Correction, it was actually 19-0

Lara said...

Yes Charlene that is a huge Y on our wall...we might be a little crazy in our craziness!

And yes it is true that the score of Spence's game should have been 19-0, but there was a little controversy that caused it to officially be called at 13-0. Spence is adamant that it's 19-0.

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