Friday, January 16, 2009

Day 16--Glad it's not me!

In my 17 years away from my Minnesota roots I can safely say that I have become a certified cold weather wimp! Every time I walked outside today I just about froze my patootie off. And in true wimp form, in addition to my own shivering complaints, I've been REALLY worried for poor Spencer and his fellow Scouts sleeping outside on this frigid night.

Spence, on the other hand, has been nonchalant and excited about the whole night....especially with all his
new cold weather gear.

All I can say...Glad it's him and not me!!!!


Lolli said...

What a weekend for a campout!!

PS--re: your comment on my blog. Yes, we were in MD during that storm in 2003. Lots of snow!

Clarinda said...

Just how cold is it is VA? It's been days since we've even seen above zero temps! Brrr...

Lara said...

It's nowhere near as cold as Minnesota's been, but definitely cold enough for me! It's supposed to be about 0° with the wind chill bringing it even lower.

alexandra said...

I'm assuming Spence's gloves are in that gear somewhere?

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