Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Inauguration Day

So what did we end up doing for Inauguration Day?

I guess we read a few too many stories like this about sanitation concerns and other possible unpleasantries, so we compromised... we walked down to our Metro station to get a feel for the excitement and the crowds firsthand. We were actually quite impressed at the patient, cheerful mood of the crowds and at the efficiency in which they had everything moving there at the Metro.

Then we walked back home...

and watched it all on television. A decision I do not regret one bit. I thoroughly enjoyed our little taste of the excitement at the Metro station and enjoyed even more watching the whole thing from the comfort of our warm, cozy bedroom with indoor plumbing freely available a few steps away.

Then, instead of fighting the crowds for hours on end trying to get home, we went swimming.


Angela Jensen said...

We did the same thing! I saw that article on Susan's blog too--pretty funny. Clean-up must be the worst job in D.C.

K said...

Sounds like you chose the much better way to watch the inaguration! Swimming sounds fun too!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Great call Wawa!! I really felt sorry for most of those crowded onto the mall-some of them waiting since 4 am in sub-freezing cold. No matter how warmly you dress, part of you (usually your feet) is always cold and hurting.

And with only one porta-potty for every 6,000 people-can you imagine the lines and agony?

Besides you had much better views on television than the very limited views of those there in person.

And topping the day off with a good swim in the icing on the cake!

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

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