Thursday, January 29, 2009

Doggone Genetics!

Dear Mr. Orthodontist,
I don't like to brag too much (hehe), but I'd like to think that in most respects that Glen and I passed on a pretty good gene pool to our kids.

Seriously look at all those semi-attached earlobes, brown eyes, and good strong fingernails...I mean we've really given them such a head start in life with their good genetics.

Look at our smiles. Notice how my teeth are crowded and reminiscent of Bugs Bunny's smile and how Glen's teeth are perfectly aligned. You'd think that together our kids would have like a 50/50 chance of some good teeth or at least that combined our kids' teeth wouldn't be quite as bad as mine.

Spencer started us off well. His teeth were worse than Glen's, but much better than mine. Two and a half years in braces and his smile is dynamite!

Then there's Cami. Congenitally missing two permanent teeth and pretty much destined to be visiting orthodontist's for the next 7-8 years.

So what's the damage for Cami? $5900!! Plus the special crowns she'll wear ($2500 each side) until she's old enough to have the implants ($firstborn). Of course dental insurance only covers a small percentage of it.

To add insult to injury: The orthodontist has now informed us that Emma will need braces twice starting in six months. Once to do a quick preliminary fix, to supposedly help other teeth to grow in straighter, then again when she's older. $300 bifocal glasses (every year since she was 2) and braces x 2. (who needs $$$ anyway?)

We were a little more hopeful that Adam's teeth would take more after Glen's since he looks the most like Glen, but alas he's only got two permanent teeth and they're both crooked.

Can Ellie save the day? Nope. She sucks her thumb!!!!

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