Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19--Adam and Mommy

In the aftermath of today's snowstorm that wasn't more than a five minute flurry, I decided to take advantage of the good light and the frolicking kids for a good photo shoot (they're getting used to my camera happy ways by now)!

Here's Ellie all decked out in one of her typical outfits...turquoise shirt, jeans, pink frilly dress, silver vest, mismatching gloves, and boots! Actually looking at it more closely I'd have to say that due to the lack of clashing patterns that usually adorn her wardrobe she actually matches much better today than usual.

Emma hamming it up for the camera!

I decided to pull Glen away from his work and ask him to take a few pictures with me and the kids. This was one of Adam and me is one of my favorites!

1 comment:

K said...

The first picture of Ellie looks just like Cami, other than the extra fun outfit.

I really love the pic of you and Adam!

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