Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 12--TGFI

No that's not a misprint. That would be, "Thank Goodness For Insurance".

With 5 kids and all their little mishaps I am so glad for good insurance. This afternoon's trip to the dentist was merely for preventative purposes, but even paying for check-ups twice a year for all 5 of them would surely break the bank.

This part is now by Emma:
The picture is me (without my glasses). I was waiting for school to end to go to the dentist.Of course I wasn't waiting for the dentist to start,I wanted it to start so it could end.The toothpaste has a bad taste. They said the flavor was strawberry, but it tasted really weird.Then I had to get fluoride. You can not swallow, it tastes bad, and you can not eat or drink for 20 minutes after you get it on you. And after the dentist appointment is done you get to pick a prize.I got a purple heart ring.I'm glad it's all done until July.

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Lolli said...

I have felt the same way in the past....TGFI! Right now, I'm a little annoyed with them....but that's another story.

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