Thursday, January 15, 2009

There goes another limb...

The Scenario:
  • Spencer has a Scout camp-out tomorrow night.
  • The projected overnight temperatures for tomorrow night are right about 0° with wind chills expected to be even colder. (I know that's a heatwave to all you Minnesotans out there, but it's bitter for us Virginians).
  • Our nicest sleeping bag costs $25 and barely keeps you warm inside the house.


Anyone have a crutch I can borrow?


Charlene said...

I feel that way too!!! Just when I get done catching up with everyone having clothes for winter...Ethan comes to me on Sunday and tells me he needs new church pants, because his are too small!!! (plus, new shoes, new socks, etc...)

Andie said...

Just think of all the awesome camping gear you will have by the time Adam is in scouts!

Why, oh, why, do the Boy Scouts need to prove their manliness (or foolishness?) by camping in the winter?!? Ryan remembers having monthly campouts when Curt LaClaire was scoutmaster, even in January and February. Craziness, I tell ya.

I'm glad I'll never have to be a Scoutmaster! :-)

Matthew K said...

Thankfully, while I am the Scoutmaster in my ward, my ward is located in Oklahoma where 30 degrees is considered extremely cold for a campout. I remember camping in Minnesota when it was well below 0. One time, Caleb McGary only brought one sleeping bag, while I had brought two, so I slept in one and had the other one covering both me and Caleb.

Denise said...

oh Lara. Scouting is like a seems like it will be fun, and while it be great in the beginning, there always comes a point at which you regret having ever started.

Just say no.

annalisa said...

lara, that picture of you is kind of disturbing:) i think mom and dad have crutches at their house:) yeah camping gear can be quite expensive. if it weren't i would go camping a lot more.

JenJ said...

No fun. I would opt out of the winter camping excursions. Can you do that? Ben will just start cubs this fall so I know nothing about the world of scouting yet.

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