Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Six Reasons Why You Shouldn't Send Your Wife to the REI Attic Sale For You...

What is the REI attic sale?
Basically a big sale they have a couple of times a year for members only to purchase merchandise that has been returned. Savings of 70-80% are normal. People start lining up outside the store at 7:30 to get tickets to come back when the store opens. The store opens at 10:00am and chaos ensues when everyone stuffs themselves into a small back room and starts shoving around for the best deals. Glen was too busy to go, so I got the job.

Here are six reasons why that may not have been the best idea:

6. Rushing a woman while she shops is just asking for disaster. Hence the cool biking shorts that Glen asked me to get. They were perfect...except for the fact that they would fall off of Santa Claus.

5. Shoving and grabbing things out of people's hands isn't as natural for women as it is for men.

4. Tight quarters + Outdoorsy men= PU [don't worry Alex and Kim--your husbands were the exceptions!]

3. Women like me aren't as adept at determining what a good deal actually is on things like tents and hiking backpacks. 40 bucks for a tent is 40 bucks too much if you ask me.

2. I guess there must be something really sexy about a 35-year-old mother of 5 shopping at an outdoors sale, since I was hit on no less than 6 times.

1. A room with a whole shoe section marked down 75% is an easy place for a woman to get distracted.
(Brand new Keen shoes for only $15...oh yeah! I have no regrets about that one.)


Aitch said...

Those shoes are ADORABLE!!! I want a pair--especially for that steal of a deal you got!

Denise said...

I love the shoes too. And the bike shorts...classic.

K said...

Can you please go back to that crowd and get me some cool shoes too? Unfortunately, I don't know anybody who might fit into that size of shorts. Good luck with that!

Mom said...

Love the shoes. According to your Uncle, biking shorts shrink so you should always buy them big.

Deanne said...

I love the new shoes! Those are so cute and you can't beat the price. I'd say even with the other mishaps your trip was totally worth it just for those.

Andie said...

So were you a little flattered or a little creeped out by the fact that you go hit on six times? ;-)

Love those shoes!

The Busby Family said...

How did I miss this one again? When was it? I'm a member, but have never been to one of these. I totally dont' want to miss next time. I just looooovvvee the shoes!

alexandra said...

Hey, it's like sending a man to the grocery store - and that's not including the coupon factor.

And yes, Fabulous Shoes!

And were these guys who hit on you the "outdoorsy" (i.e. PU) type or ripped biking men (that could have told you to nix the 4XL shorts)?

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