Friday, February 20, 2009

Asking for your help

Last night, I signed up for Feedburner. My understanding was that it was supposed to help me track my feeds. It sounded pretty cool, but this morning I'm not so sure as it appears that some weird things are happening all around.

**I'm so sorry that it appears that this has inundated your Google Reader with lots of garbage. I'm feeling very sheepish and upset by all this. I'm sorry!**

With as much computer knowledge as I've gained over the last couple of years, I am completely clueless as to what's going on.

So here are my questions for you?

1. Is your subscription to my blog still okay?

2. Do you use Google Reader? Or some other program to manage them?

3. Is there anything else weird going on?

4. Is there an easier way to track feeds?

5. Does someone know enough about feeds to give me a quick tutorial?


mom said...

When I tried to click on your blog, the google ads thing came up. Thinking I had done something wrong I tried again, and the same thing happened. (That was clicking on it from Matt's). I got on by doing it from favorites.

Melyssa said...

I have you on Blogs I follow. When I looked at your blog updates, I saw just the feeds. When I scrolled down I was able to get to you and then pop in.

I too signed up for the feeder, but cleared it out of my Blog because I got a bad feeling about it. Something just didn't seem right.

Glad to see you back up and going!

alexandra said...

I tried to go to your blog from Denise's and the same thing happened. Weird.

Deanne said...

Earlier today my RSS feeds (using for your blogs connected me to some other blog, but now it seems to be working. My netvibes showed me that you had all new messages and it directed me straight to your blog. Maybe it's fixed now?

If you still have problems or questions, let us know. Justin said he could probably give you a quick tutorial if you need it.

Karey said...

This post came through on my Google Reader, so hopefully the feeds are working ??!?!?!? [crossing my fingers]

Denise said...

I am reading you on google reader too. And it's fine now...although I did get a million crazy posts from you yesterday.

I wish I could help you more, but no tech savvy here.

Lolli said...

Everything's fine on my part! I hope you've gotten everything sorted out. I use feedburner, too, and had a not-soperfect start with them, but now it's no-maintenece.

Deon said...

hmm... i didn't see it at all yesterday on my googlereader. This morning I did see this post there, and then I actually went to your blog and nothing went wrong in either place. And, I love the new look of your blog!! The new header, labels on the top, etc. Where did you learn all of this?? I may just need to copy you...!

K said...

Just wanted to say HI Lara! Hope you are having a good Sunday!

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