Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 47--President's Day at Great Falls

Yesterday may have been slim pickings for a photo, but today I had such a plethora it was hard to narrow it down! The kids have been begging to go Great Falls for ages, so when we were searching for a family activity this afternoon we loaded into the car and finally went!

Emma was quite the super model today. She was always by my side chattering away about school, friends, life, etc. and whenever I found a cool place to take a picture she was the first to volunteer!

The kids were enraptured with this hollow tree. It was big enough to go inside and stand up. We could have just hung some pictures up on the wall, installed a door, and it would have been a home fit for Winnie the Pooh himself!

Ellie was tired and cold the whole time and did not want to leave her cozy cove of blankets in the stroller. Most of the time she whined when we took her out, but not this time. She got to do a little rock climbing and she was really excited about it. Granted her joy last 5.2 seconds, but I was happy to capture this sweet smile in Daddy's arms!

Who would have guessed? Cami and Mikhaela were so enthralled with this corn snake, that we had to drag them away unwillingly from the poor park ranger who tried her best to keep up with the dozens of questions they kept throwing at her!

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Deanne said...

Looks like fun! Can't wait for some warmer weather around here to enjoy the outdoors.

The snow is back, again!

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