Thursday, February 26, 2009

Grandma Frances

Frances Langston Goold
Mother to four
Grandmother to 14
Great-Grandmother to 14
The last of Glen's grandparents
Organist to thousands
Kind, loving, gentle, musical, talented
Returned to live with her eternal sweetheart this morning
We will miss you Grandma!
April 26, 1920-February 26, 2009


Denise said...

Lara, I am so sorry for your loss. Please tell Glenn and the kids were are thinking of them.

Franksfam said...

We have a special little "inside family story" about Frances. She was our organist while we lived in the McLean Ward. She will be greatly missed. Our condolences to your family.

Clarinda said...

What a lovely tribute. I am sorry for your loss.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Glen, we are sorry to hear about the passing of your Grandma Frances

She was an amazing woman.

Love, Steve-Rosanna

alexandra said...

Lara, so sorry to hear about your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are also with you.

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