Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Watch Out Vogue!

How cool am I?

Well let's just say that when I was in eighth grade I was cool enough to redefine the word in the dictionary.

Don't tell me. I know I was cute and totally stylin'. Oh yeah, and smart too...notice how "cool" was on the wrong page in the dictionary and I found it anyway.

So when Cami walked out of her room this morning I knew I'd reached an all new level of coolness than I could have ever imagined in eighth grade.

I can already see the dictionary page for "FASHIONABLE" now! Bye bye Heidi Klum! My eleven-year-old daughter wants to dress just like me.

And to think you've witnessed the very beginnings of fashion greatness right here on my humble blog.


annalisa said...

lara, you're hilarious! and you and cami look way cute in that picture!

Denise said...

That cracks me up...but call me a skeptic...but dressing like mom may not be so fashion forward as she ages...hummm...better enjoy it.

Deanne said...

You're definitely cool, fashionable, and cute too! You guys look great.

Melyssa said...

Lara, you make me laugh. You are WAY cool! I love reading your blog. It really lifts my spirits.

K said...

That's too funny! I can not believe how much you two are dressed alike. I hate to say it but you are definitely cooler now than you were in the eighth grade! Someone had to say it. HAHA! (o:

Steve-Rosanna said...

That wasn't a nice thing to say K, especially since it was you who always wore Lara's clothes. You two could've passed for twins from time to time back in the old days.

But, Lara and Cami are both way too cool.

Love, Dad-Mom

JenJ said...

Eight grade was not my favorite year for coolness. :) But Lara! You look so cute! And I remember that hairstyle as being very hip at the time. :)
You and Cami look SO great together. I wanna dress like my mine too!

Cami said...

It was a total coincidence( I am actually quite surprised that my mom has enough style to put on an outfit as cool as mine!)

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