Thursday, February 19, 2009

Princesses Don't Toot.

The scene: 3 kids + me in one small room, bad smell suddenly fills the room

Everyone: Ewwww! Who did that? Yuck!

Spencer: Adam, that's gross. Just say excuse me.

Adam: It wasn't me, it must have been Ellie.

Ellie (whining in defense): Princesses don't toot!

Adam: Yes they do. Anyone can toot.

Ellie (getting upset): They do not. Princesses are pretty, so they can't toot! I'm pretty like a princess, so it wasn't me.

Spencer (smugly amused): You're right Ellie. Princesses don't toot so it must be Adam.

Adam (on the verge of crying): IT WASN'T ME! Anyone can toot...even princesses!

In a world with wars raging, the economy going to shambles, and American Idol choosing its top 12...I'm sure glad my kids are worrying about such important matters.

PS Apparently I am not a princess.


Aitch said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

You really should be more careful about the dairy Lara ;o)

Denise said...

hahahahaha. Lara. Seriously.

Deanne said...

Thanks for the chuckle!

I know it's getting bad when we're at the store and my daughter covers her nose and says LOUDLY, "Ewww, something stinks!"...that's when we flee the area and pretend nothing happened. I guess I'm not a princess either. hehe...

Charlene said...

LOL!!! You have a lot of fun in your home!!!

Matthew said...

Have your children been hanging out with Peter lately?

alexandra said...

Thanks for a serious laugh (from one "princess" to another).

Life with Kaishon said...

What a hoot : ).
Thanks for the congratulations. I was super surprised : ). It is such a fun site, isn't it?

K said...

HAHA Lara! Very funny! I hope that means that Madeline won't ever toot either.

Steve-Rosanna said...

You could have always blamed Pete. There was never a toot in our house that Pete was not blamed for. Poor PP. Poor Adam.

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