Friday, February 27, 2009

What happened?

I'm just wondering how this cute little bunch...
turned into this big surly looking bunch in such a short span of time?

Dang it. Someone needs to slow time down, speed up my metabolism, and infuse me with extra energy and patience.


Denise said...


i had a friend say once she would like to create a little pocket size version of each kid at their most cute and precious age and just be able to pull them out whenever she wanted.


I am pretty sure I am not enjoying it enough.

K said...

Amen to that last part!

Lolli said...

Oh, I SO agree! I just posted an old photo of my 5 kids today, and I can't believe how much has changed in (almost) 4 years!!

Deanne said...

I hear ya. Time goes too fast!

I love how Spencer has the same non-smile even when he was younger!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Surly? My heavens baby girl-you have the cutest and sweetest kids anywhere. Don't let Spencer's permanent dislike of cameras fool you.

They do grow up ever so quickly.

We love you all.


Mirien said...

I've found myself a bit nostalgic lately, too, remembering the days before teenagers and eye-rolling and "Mom, do I have to go?" when I suggest a fun outing. Less than 4 years and my oldest goes to college! I'm with you--let's slow time down, but only if the metabolism gets a big boost. Great idea.

Kat said...

Time does go by so quickly! You still have a bunch of cuties though!

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