Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Getting Back to the Swing of Things and An Accidental Offense

My iPhone camera is currently giving me issues, which is making keeping up with my Project 365 quite challenging.  I need a camera that's actually with me for me to be able to truly capture the moments that make up our day.  I think I may need to reset it back to the factory settings to get it to work again.    So here is a mostly picture-less summary of the last few days.  

April 13:   We had a sibling birthday dinner at Cheesecake Factory today.   We laughed a lot, made some plans, then accidentally offended all the rest of our siblings in a group text.   We're awesome like that.

April 12:  We finally made some progress on our trip planning!    We're down to less than a month before we leave and it was high time we actually started pulling some of the itinerary together!

April 11: We finally got back to our daily scripture study again this week.  We'd fallen off the wagon during spring break and it took until this week to get back into the swing of it.   We're in the throes of Alma right now and my kids are having giggling fits every time someone passes out when the spirit comes upon them.   We also had a great Family Home Evening taught by Adam and Glen.  

April 10:   It was Fast Sunday here, but Cami was giving a talk about the atonement in her ward at BYU, so I spent the morning going over her talk with her.  I was grateful to not have any church meetings that day, so that I could help her longer.   Emma made a chipotle salad for our break-the-fast dinner.

April 9:  I took the whole family to work out at the gym and got there to realize that the childcare center closes early on the weekends.   I took the kids to the pool (at the gym) instead, but had to stay there and watch them, so I didn't actually get to exercise.    I may or may not have been a bit grumpy by that fact.  We then rushed Emma home to a friend's house and ate dinner at the Olive Garden.

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