Monday, April 25, 2016

A Tale in NUMB3RS

April 23:   

After 6 weeks of painting, oodles of reorganizing, and having 2 kids displaced out of their bedroom, 
we got a 3 hour window on Saturday for getting  2 new beds and 1 desk delivered.
After the delivery we went to work and spent the next 10 hours moving kid #4 to his own room and kid #3 out of her own room to share with kid #5, after which kid #2 promptly came home from college and displaced kid #4 from the room he'd had for himself for all of 2 hours, so she could take it over for the next 3 months before she goes on her mission to France for 18 months.  It was a long day of being on task and I am a little embarrassed to admit that every single 1 of the 6 of us that were home most of the day were well past our threshold of being well functioning and happy by the end of the day.   In fact, at 1 point, we sneaked away from the work for a quick dinner at a local Italian place, and I may or may not have burst into tears in the middle of dinner when kid #? broached a subject about which I was very sensitive about.   That was the first time I've hard a good hard cry in public in like 43 years, which ironically is how old I turn on April 25

Ignore the lack of decorations,  poor quality of picture, sloppily made beds,  and the extra mattress in the middle of the floor.   That's just how we roll around here.   


Rachel said...

Ok, that was such a creative way to summarize a tough day! Bravo! I love the numbers!

Jennifer McArthur said...

I cry every time I hear the national anthem. In public or not. Try me.

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