Thursday, April 21, 2016

Recipe for Instant Panic

April 21:  

Recipe for Instant Panic
serves one

1 mom of a leukemia survivor 
1 phone call that starts off by saying "The lab just called about your daughter's blood test..."
1 nervous looking nurse who won't let you leave your son's well-child check-up without talking to the doctor about his abnormal blood test results

Serve it all up within 45 minutes of each other and VOILA!   Instant anxiety and panic.   Serves one.  


Alas, you can rest assured, though,  that I would not be sitting here calmly blogging about it  if there was anything serious going on.    

Ellie's blood test had been incorrectly processed and her neurologist was just calling to tell me that she needed to have it repeated.     And several of Adam's blood markers were low by only a tiny bit, so I strongly suspect that it has to do with the tiny amount of blood they were able to collect from his finger poke.     
Lucky for me, my anxiety level is now almost normal again.    
Unlucky for the kids, they both have to have repeat blood tests.  

Breathe, Lara, breathe.      



melissa said...

Motherhood is definitely an adventure.

So, Lara, I was working through our family school (from latter-day learning) in preparation for next week and thought it was really neat how when I clicked on the lesson for next week a link was given to direct me to one of your FHE lessons to use as enrichment. You're famous and people really do recognize how excellent the resources you have put together are. Congrats! ~Melissa

Aterxerxes said...

There are few things worse then the Dr. calling to say something ois wrong, but not telling you. It gives me a panic attack every time, even if it's just a normal test, but they didn't want to leave a message. There has to be a better way! :)

Lara said...

I had no idea, Melissa! Thanks for letting me know! And yes, Aterxerxes, there does need to be a better way! My nerves can't handle this kind of stress!

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