Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Little Monkeys

April 19: 
We recently joined a gym and have enjoyed the opportunity to work out in all kinds of weather.  I also really like being able to lift weights.   The kids, however, are in love with the swimming pool and the rock climbing wall.  Unfortunately the rock climbing wall is only open in the evenings, so we don't get there very often.   

Whenever we have a clear spot in our schedule,  Ellie and Adam beg to be able to go.  Tonight we finally got there again.    

 Ellie really likes the challenge and will tackle the same wall again and again until she gets it.   These walls were a little tougher than they had been at the other location, but she was a trouper and got about 3/4 of the way up a few times!

Adam's injuries from his bear/pavement/leprosy attack were a bit of a hindrance to him this time, but he had fun and got  to the top on a couple of them.  

I even tried it for a while and was surprised at how good of a workout it actually was.   I don't think I'll be scaling any mountains anytime too soon, but I might join the kids again in the future! 


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