Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Sings Like An Angel

April 26:  
Here is a video of the song Emma sang in sacrament meeting on Sunday.    We loved hearing her practice it for the last several weeks and we were not surprised that we got many compliments that she sounded like "an angel." 

Although she actually performed it on Sunday, I'm putting this on for Tuesday's "picture", because it took me way too many hours on Tuesday trying to figure out how to actually capture it on video.  

I know well how to take a video, but trying to do it while even semi-preserving the clear sound quality of her voice was actually rather difficult.   We decided that the poor quality video was the trade-off, so you can hear her voice without too much of the tinniness that our electronics kept adding.   

Love my Emma girl! 



annalisa said...

Beautiful Emma!

R said...

Beautiful girl with a wonderful voice singing a great song.

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