Friday, April 22, 2016

My True Feelings

April 22: 

Something that made me happy:   I found a good deal on AirBnB for our upcoming trip. 

Something I am relieved about:   I am finally done teaching my 6-week Civic class at the Friday co-op!  While I had a lot of fun doing it, it did cause me a lot of stress to plan it each week.  It truly was a joy to teach a great group of students and somehow I think the students genuinely enjoyed learning about Civics as much as I did! 

Something that made me mad:  We had a five-mile hike planned to do with the young women this morning.   All the weather reports said it was going to rain and thunderstorm through most of the day, so we ended up cancelling it.    It barely rained a drop all day.  

Something that made me madder:    I ordered something back in February to support a friend, but after almost three months, I'm realizing that I've been scammed.  Not by the friend, but by the company, who likely scammed her as well.   

Something that made me smile:  Emma's on a super cool high adventure trip in Harper's Ferry, WV and Adam played in his first ever flag football practice and game tonight.  Adam made two "tackles" and really enjoyed his first time playing.   I haven't heard anything from Emma, but I'm sure she's having a great time too. 

Something that I was disappointed about:  I tried to plan something a tiny bit frivolous, but it morphed into something super convenient and boring. 

Something that perplexed me:   Adam and Glen were invited on a 10-mile hike that started at 10:00pm and they were both excited to go.   I will not be waiting up for them! 

Something I am looking forward to:   Cami's coming home on Saturday night!!!!!!    

Something I'm worried about:   (besides my kids having to get their repeat blood tests) Car and sleeping logistics when Cami gets home.    Actually I worry about a whole lot more than that, but most of it's too personal to publish in a public forum.  

Something I'm proud of:  After totally falling off the wagon during spring break, we're finally back to reading our scriptures consistently again.  

Something to brag about:  Cami got straight A's for her entire first year at BYU!  A straight 4.0!    And she took some very challenging pre-nursing courses (Organic Chemistry, Anatomy, etc).  Here's hoping it's enough to get her into the nursing program!   

My Civics students! 


Saimi said...

There's just something about Lara! I love your straight forward honest post, thanks for sharing your true feelings and congratulations to your daughter's GPA that's definitely something to be proud about!
Have a great weekend!

Lara said...

Thanks, Saimi! I hope your weekend was great too!

Charlene said...

Way to go Cami!! Congratulations!!

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