Monday, April 18, 2016


April 18:  
This actually happened a few days ago, but I finally got around to capturing the carnage for the blog.   

How did he sustain his injuries?    

You decide:   

1. Fending off a rabid grizzly attack and saving four people's lives in the process
2. Running through a parking lot with friends and tripping over the curb headlong onto the pavement
3.  By contracting leprosy

You'll never know, but you will now know that cakes are serious business around our house. 
Emma created this piece of art for Tim's birthday.   It's a funfetti cake with Cami's famous berry frosting.  We all really, really liked it, but I think next time we'll add more sprinkles.  


1 comment:

alexandra said...

MORE sprinkles? Go big or go home, I guess!

Amazing cake, Emma!

And so sorry about the grizzly attack, Adam. I hear the concrete grizzlies are the worst.

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