Saturday, April 16, 2016

Almost Losing Diamonds

April 16:  
I'm not quite sure how this happened, but I was sitting at the computer today and randomly noticed that a diamond had fallen out of my wedding ring.   

The diamond was just sitting on the table right in front of me, so thankfully it's not lost.   

 We were supposed to have been going on a walk right then, but Glen was laboring over doing our taxes (yes, we're procrastinators) instead, which meant the diamond was at least not lying along a trail somewhere.   

Our taxes this year are extremely horrible and we spent the day venting our  bitter feelings towards the extortionist thieves that call themselves the US government. 

But at least I didn't lose a diamond too. 



alexandra said...

Maybe the extortionist thieves were showing you an alternative form of payment? If so, it's a sure sign they're in league with you-know-who.

R said...

Taxes are awful. Figure about 50% of our money goes to taxes in one form or another. Federal, state, county, city, property, sales, car registration, etc. And any number of fees that are actually taxes in disguise. A reasonable flat tax could be nice, but probably won't happen in my lifetime.

But glad your diamond isn't lost

R said...

And to think when they started taxes they figured it would be temporary and never more than 1%.

DeeAnn Franks said...

Losing a diamond in my wedding ring is a recurring nightmare of mine! Glad your's was not lost!

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