Saturday, April 16, 2016

The Birthdays

April 15:   
April is a big month for birthdays on my side of the family.    We've got Andrew (on the 5th), Tim and Tom (on the 15th), Lauren and McKenzie (on the 17th), Mika (on the 24th), Me (on the 25th), and Spencer (on the 30th).   So that means that there are four family members celebrating birthdays just this weekend and we got to celebrate with three of those four!   

The twins had a day off of school today, so Ellie went and spent the night at their house to help celebrate their birthday.  She excitedly bought presents with her own money and came home giddy and full of energy.  It was cute to see how much fun the girls genuinely have together.  

I took Ellie straight from the cousins' house to an evening of cake decorating at a friend's house.  She could barely contain her excitement when she got home and got to deliver her special creation directly to the birthday boy of the day....Uncle Tim!    
We also went out and tried a new ice cream shop tonight.   The ice cream was creamy and delicious. 
 Cake, ice cream, birthday goodies....I can't figure out why, but my quest for healthful eating is not going so well this month. 


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R said...

Happy Birthday to all the April Birthday people. AK, TK, TC, MC, LC, MC, LG, and SG. Thanks to Ellie for making a birthday cake.

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