Sunday, April 3, 2016

Super Hard Quiz

Long-time readers of this blog know that I love making random quizzes about our life and promising prizes of gazillions of dollars for those who answer it correctly.  Too bad for you I don't have gazillions of dollars to offer, so instead I'm offering something much awesomer that money.  Anyone who answers this quiz correctly will earn the privilege of choosing the subject for my next blogpost.   Any subject.   This is your chance!   Include your topic of choice along with your guess in the comments below.      


Over the course of the last three days....

a) I found a drowned mouse in a jug of water in our garage
b)  I finished reading my book for book group
c) the power went out for 10+ hours
d) I recorded an embarrassingly obnoxious video of myself 
e) we started renovating the kids' room
f) the missionaries watched conference  and played games with us 
g) I had over 100 text notifications on my cell phone at once 
h) Ellie made homemade pop tarts for a general conference snack
i) I published a super short general conference summary on my blog
j) all of the above
k) none of the above 
l) all but one of the above
m) three of the above

April 1:

April 2:  

April 3:   


Cami Goold said...

l. I expect my reward in the near future

R said...

I'm saying all of them are true.

GG said...

I'm guessing l, but I'll refrain from saying which one I don't believe is true ;-). I think your next blog post should be about your top five places you want your husband to take you and why they make your list.

DeeAnn Franks said...

I'm guessing L, all but one are true.

K said...

I'm guessing all of the above are true. (o:

K said...

Btw, I can't wait to see what you're doing to the kids' room!!

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