Thursday, April 2, 2009


There's a mouse under our table!

But for my jokester siblings who hacked my blog yesterday, Emma definitely would have won the prize for the best April Fools' joke of the year. Yikes! My heart is still pounding with trepidation.


annalisa said...

good joke emma! i would not like it if a mouse were under my table and i know how much your mom does not like them:)

Steve-Rosanna said...

Way to go Emmakins!! Good one.

Be sure and take care of Grandma while she is there visiting you guys.

Hope to see you in June.

Love, Grandpa

dad said...

Emma, knowing how Mommy reacts when there is a live, breathing mouse around, I can only imagine that you got her heart racing! Great April fools joke!

I thought the way you put the mouse down actually made it look like a real breating mouse. I'm glad that wasn't the case!


Lolli said...

I love the expression on her face!

K said...

That's an awesome joke Emma! You're hilarious! Cool mouse! (o:

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