Friday, April 10, 2009

Flashback Friday

My sister keeps doing these "Flashback Friday" posts with fun old pictures of our family that make me laugh.

It's been a rather long, unexciting Friday with Glen gone at a Scout camp-out and I've found myself lamenting to myself all night about how boring weekends have become in my middle age. After piddling around on Facebook a little too long, I decided to join in my sister's fun with a couple of old photos of my own tonight.
Weren't we just so cute?

Although I have to say it's really a shame that Glen's dental genetics couldn't have out won over mine with at least one of our kids. We are quickly becoming the orthodontist's favorite family.


Ashby said...

Wow, you and Cami are practically twins!

Steve-Rosanna said...

Crazy teeth-another family flaw that you can blame on the Crain genes. At least a few of you (K, Tim, A.L.) got mom's perfect teethies.

Love, Dad

K said...

You look just like Cami or Cami looks just like you! Oh and Glen's chubby cheeks are cute! (o:

Chelsey said...

Yes mam! You are twins with Cami!!! Glen looks exactly like GLEN!!! hee, hee. I love DC b/c it is so close to Richmond. Sorry you had a boring Friday night, next time come drive all the kids here and you can have a camp out anywhere in my house! Hot Showers and a hot breakfast provided!

annalisa said...

i agree with everyone else that cami looks like you:) i like old pictures!

annalisa said...

p.s. not that i'm saying that you're old or anything:)

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