Thursday, April 30, 2009

Life Story

Fourteen years ago today Glen and I joyfully welcomed our first born child into our arms. Spencer David was born after a good day and a half of regular contractions, nine hours of which I spent in the hospital. He was born at 8:53 pm and after a fitful night of the excitement and pain of adjusting to nursing/motherhood I was discharged at 9:00 the NEXT MORNING!
Sometime that first day I was home from the hospital, Glen's grandmother came to visit us all the way from Virginia. She had come to town for other reasons, but was more than thrilled to meet her new hours old great-grandson.

When Spencer was 10 days old we packed up our old Dodge Shadow and drove to Baltimore for Glen's first internship with E&Y. Everyone (family and strangers alike) thought we were a little insane for taking a 10-day-old baby on a cross country trip, but what can I say? We were young and totally excited for the career opportunity for Glen.

We spent the summer in Baltimore making new friends, exploring the area, and getting to know Glen's grandparents, George and Frances. George took us on driving tours of DC and told us many exciting stories about his days in the FBI. Sadly Glen's grandfather died just a few months later and Spencer was the only great-grandchild that he was ever able to meet. How grateful we were for those few months we had.

At the end of the summer we drove back to Utah via Oklahoma so that we could visit with my grandparents there. This picture is a five-generation shot. Spencer, Me, Bobby (for my Dad), Nana & Granddad, and Granny Becky (Spencer's great-great grandmother) +Glen and a cousin.
Spencer was one of only a couple great-great grandchildren that Granny Becky got to meet before she passed away 2 years later.
After our return to BYU, I took the last couple of classes that I needed to graduate and ended up graduating on my birthday when Spencer was almost a year old.
We packed up and left for Baltimore for another internship just a couple days after this picture was taken. Due to those early frequent cross-county road trips and several more since then, Spencer is a very well traveled young man. He's been to over 40 states + Canada.

Spencer has always been a sweet, gentle big brother to his many younger siblings and we are grateful for his wonderful example.

Today he is a fourteen-year-old with a fun sense of humor, a quickly deepening voice, a gentle heart, a striving to improve, a love for sports, a quick mind, and a penchant for being a bit of a tease. He doesn't like me taking pictures of him, but in a moment of silliness he allowed us to dress him in this birthday long as he could write his own label on it.

So here is the gluttonous "Supreme Dictator of All That Matters And All That Doesn't Too" being fed cupcakes by his humble servant, Miss Camille.
Lest any of you remember Spencer's revenge from all those months ago and fear that he will be seeking retribution for these incriminating photos, I can lay your fears to rest. In a sugar induced/birthday hysteria I not only got him (and Cami) to pose, but he also agreed on which photo I could use.

Happy Birthday Spencer!!!!

(Forgot to send Spence a card?

That's okay. Just leave him lots of comments and he'll call it good! )


Steve-Rosanna said...

It seems almost impossible to Mom and I that baby Spencer has turned 14. Time really must be flying.

We are awfully proud of Spencer and the fine young man he has grown into. And we eagerly look forward to that day five short years from now when he will take his place in the mission field.

Hope you had a wonderful birthday Spencer! What more could you ask for? Cupcakes and ice cream!

We love you.


K said...

Happy Birthday Spence! I hope you had a great day! That's pretty funny that Cami was willing to feed you cupcakes! HA ha! (o:

Aitch said...

Recneps Yadhtrib Yppah!!

K said...

I guess I better leave another comment since I didn't send a card. Hope you had a fantabulous one Spence!

Denise said...

Happy Birthday Spencer! Hope it rocks!

annalisa said...

happy birthday yesterday spencer!

annalisa said...

i bet your parents are excited about that one:)

annalisa said...

only two more yeasrs until you can drive!

billy ray said...

i can't believe that your sister was willing to feed you cupcakes.

ima wooley lamb said...

happy birthday spence.

jim shoe said...

you must have a really nice sister.

Napoleon Dynamite said...

I caught you a delicious bass. Happy birthday.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Hey Spence, Grandma finally got a birthday card out to you-only a few days late. And a few dollars short thanks to Aunt AnnaLisa.

Anyway we join Ms. Lamb and Mr. Dynamite in hoping that your birthday rocked (no pun intended).

Love, Grandpa-Grandma

JenJ said...

Hey there cute Spencer!!!
Happy birthday from some long lost VA friends you may not even remember!!!!!

Ura King said...

I've always wanted to meet the Supreme Dictator of All That Matters and All That Doesn't Too. When can I meet you oh supreme one?

Otto Mobil said...

I can't be;ieve you will be able to get your learner's permit next year. Wow! Happy Birthday Spencer.

Chanda Lear said...

You light up my life
You give me hope
To carry on
You light up my days
And fill up my nights with light.

Mary Christmas said...

We wish you a happy birthday. We wish you a happy birthday. We wish you a happy birthday and a merry school year!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday Spencer! It is hard to believe they are getting so old so fast!

Honey Mommy said...

Wow! Spencer has been to more states than I have, and I am almost three times his age! Happy Birthday!

Mia said...

Happy Birthday Spencer! You don't know me, but I sure remember how cute you were as a baby! I was lucky enough to stay with your family for a few days in Provo, and I had a blast watching your every move. You've grown up to be such a handsome kid! Thank you're parents everyday!!

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