Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tall, Smart, and Handsome

In honor of my brother Tim's 21st birthday this past week (on tax day), I've put together this list of 21 random facts about the youngest of my siblings.

1--Tim is the youngest child in our family
2--Tim was born 10 days before my fifteenth birthday
3--He had red hair and the cutest expressions when he was little
4--He could identify most major rocks by name and category by the time he was 4-years-old
5--When he was preschool aged he would carry around a blue duffel bag, which he referred to as his "Duck Tales woo woo bag"
6--I moved away from home when he was only three years old
7--He was scared to death of me when I came back home for Christmas after my first semester at BYU
8--Spencer's birth made him an uncle when he was barely 7 years old9--He is the only boy in our family who never had a mullet
10--Need a job done? You won't find anyone more focused or loyal than Tim.
11--He loves to read even more than I do.
12--He wears a size 15 shoe.
13--Although the youngest, he is the tallest of the Crain kids by a few good inches (a fact that makes my other three brothers green with envy)
14--He is 11 inches taller than me
15--He has a keen sense of humor
16--He has traveled the world17--Tim is a gifted writer and will probably write a book someday.
18--He loves old movies and owns hundreds of them19--He is the smartest of the Crain kids (I've been informed that I'm only 3rd smartest, just in case you're wondering)
20--As of this week, he will be the last of the eight Crain kids to still be a BYU student (at one point there were five of us there at once)

21--My kids adore him and use him as a human jungle gym whenever he's around

Hope you had a happy birthday Tim! We love you!


K said...

Tim's the greatest! Happy 21st Birthday Tim! You are now legal!

Oh and if you are third smartest Lara, I don't even want to know what number I am.

Glen said...

Happy belated birthday Tim!!! I hope you were able to celebrate a little.

Welcome to adulthood!

Lolli said...

That was so sweet! I love seeing the old family pictures. ;)

Steve-Rosanna said...

Hope you had a wonderful 21st birthday Timbo. Are you really 21 or actually just 5 and a little bit over like Frederick in PofP?

We are all proud of you and the young man you have become!

Love, Dad and Mom

Charlene said...

that family picture of you guys is exactly how I remember your whole family. Happy Birthday!!

Pete said...

I forgot about the Duck Tales woo woo bag!! Good times. I remember you being the cutest, smartest little kid. Happy b-day little bro (who is taller than me).

mom and dad said...

Happy Birthday Tim! What a great kid. Smart and talented, humorous and imaginative, and handsome. We love you.

Tom said...

Happy shared birthday Tim.

Although I am ten years older than you, I wish that I were as tall as you.

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