Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Random Seven

An unnamed source has informed me that my choice of blogging topics lately has been rather RanDOm and that I might as well change the name of our blog to be "The Random Seven".

Hair, Easter, Washington DC, teeth, growing mullets, corporate rants, lists of things to do, squirrels working for the DMV, losing my brain...I guess it's true.

Gosh. Who knows what Mom will blog about next?

I was going to blog about pencils today, but I was a little worried that that topic may be a little too predictable for my new reputation, so I've decided to change my blog topic to be about... musicals.

I was thinking of writing a short little ditty about life and recording it for your entertainment, but then I was reminded of the fact that my singing sounds a little like an elephant giving birth. Fortunately for you, you're reading my blog, which means I like you and I would never want to subject you to the pain of hearing me sing, so instead I've put this video here taken in the Antwerp Central Train Station for your true enjoyment.

Pretty much we've watched this clip 783 times in the last 2 days and it makes me smile every single time.

Then when that one starts to get a little old, I start watching this one which really makes me want to go shopping and get a lemonade.

After that I'm feeling quite musical myself, so laboring elephants and all, I start walking around the house composing my own music:

To the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star:

"Spencer, Cami, Emma, Adam
I want you to do your chores.
You think I can't find you there,
but I see your locks of hair.
Now it's time to get to work
before I quickly go berserk."

Whereafter the kids cheerfully start helping while joyfully singing their own tune.

To the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb:

"Of course we'll help you mother dear, mother dear, mother dear.
Of course we'll help you mother dear,
We love you very much."
...or something like that anyway.

Yes, yes. I do take requests; just use the contact link at the top. In the meantime I'm going back to my pencil post to see if I can make it random enough for this blog.


alexandra said...

No requests, but I do have a napkin.

K said...

You are too funny Wawa!

I've watched that first one at least 784 times. Plus Andrew loves it and keeps asking to watch it. He already knows half the song and sings along. He actually wanted to watch the Sound of Music with me because of the video and so he watched it with me and kept asking when they would start dancing at the train station. LOL

The Giles said...

Lol!That made my day!

Dad and Mom said...

Very cute. Love the two videos.

Grandpa-Grandma Crain said...

IMHO: you are having a simple bout of Spring giddiness!

Take two aspirin and get a good nights rest and drink lots of water. No doubt-you will be back to your normal self in the morning!!

We love you Wawa!

Love, Dad and Mom

Charlene said...

LOL! I enjoy your random/wit blogs!! I look forward to reading them everyday!

annalisa said...

lara you are hilarious! i also really like the sound of music video and i want to "spontaneously" start dancing and singing in a public place:) that would be fun to see the unsuspecting onlookers.

Deanne said...

Too funny! I have to say that "Do(e) a Deer" (is there an "e" on the end?) is one of Sophie's favorite songs AND The Sound of Music was just on tv, so we've been watching it over and over again.

I will have to share your post with her, since she will really appreciate the spontaneous dancing and singing. Maybe I should send her out to your house for a visit, then she can even be in a little musical about doing chores right in your house! Or maybe I'll just steal your chore song...=)

Steve-Rosanna said...

The Crains have always been cheap. We don't go out to see movies, we find our entertainment on YouTube which is free. I would also like to mention that we used to shop at K-Mart and make all of the children share one ice cream.


Steve-Rosanna said...


Mom and I did NOT post the message immediately preceding this one.

We never ever made all of you share one ice cream cone. We would usually buy at least two and make all of you share them. But, just one? We were never ever that chintzy!

Lara said...

You don't need to worry Dad. I knew at a glance that that previous comment was not your work. In fact after a linguistic analytics on certain elements of the phrasing I had it narrowed down to one particular sibling who by training should've known better than to make a linguistic mistake. My exact comment when I read his fake one was, "Why the heck did he leave a third comment in your name and not just leave a stupid comment of his own?" Kristina may report that I actually said something a little more colorful than that, but you shouldn't believe her. I only say, "Yea yea, nay nay" when I'm upset. Why am I rambling on and on in this comment? Don't ask me. I'm tired, have too much to do, and I love to hear myself type.

Steve-Rosanna said...

Thank you sweet oldest daughter-you always did have a simple way to get right straight to the heart of things.

Glad we got that straightened out!

Love, Dad and Mom

Clarinda said...

Thanks for posting these videos. I hadn't not seen them before. The Do-Re-Mi one was very impressive...oddly, it made me tear up. I'm just weird that way. The Napkin one was HILARIOUS! Seriously, these made my day.

Love your blog!!

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