Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Top Ten Reasons Why...

Living near DC is so cool:

10. I love quizzing people about the height of the Washington Monument. (555 ft. 5 in., just in case you're curious now)

9. The kids never get bored on drives and long walks. There's a statue, fountain, or monument at every turn in the road to divert their attention.

8. We actually know people (lots) who work in the Capitol building and White House and these connections make us feel semi-powerful too.

7. All the cool museums and monuments are totally free to visit...paid for by your tax dollars!

6. The cherry blossoms make a beautiful backdrop for pictures.

5. Where else can you find such interesting sites as the National Mathematical Association of America building? Seriously.

4. Ever want to get out of town for vacation? In the time it would take you to drive from Denver to Salt Lake City through miles and miles of nothing, you could visit Baltimore, Philadelphia, NYC, Raleigh, Richmond, Charleston, Pittsburgh, Providence, Boston, Buffalo, among many other great cities AND the beach AND the beautiful green Appalachian mountains.

3. There are so many interesting things to do nearby that people actually come to visit us.

2. There's nothing like coming around the beltway and seeing one of the loveliest buildings in the world "floating" right there before your eyes.

and my #1....

1. My kids go on field trips to places that most kids only read about in history books. (Can any of you non-Washingtonians name this historical site?)


Steve said...

Totally agree that DC is an amazing place. It is so funny that after you and Glen moved there many years ago following your graduation from BYU-each and every one of your siblings have followed in your footsteps following their graduation from BYU.

And now, AnnaLisa, our seventh BYU grad (in about two weeks) has disclosed that she two will be joining her sibs in the "greener grass" that is Virginia.

Can't say that I blame her as it is an amazing place. A place where average salaries for new college grads is about 3X higher than anywhere in the intermountain west.

And speaking of visitors-see you in mid-May for Pete's graduation.

Love, Dad

K said...

I hope someday to be able to join you in that lovely place!

I don't think I can answer the question, since I used to live there.

Honey Mommy said...

How fun! I have never been to DC, but it would be awesome. Free museums sound like Heaven!

BTW, that is Mount Vernon. I recognize it even though I've never seen it in person.

Andie said...

Ryan and I have always said if we could pick anywhere in the country to live, it would be in Virginia, for pretty much all of the reasons you listed. I love the quick access to so many cool places. Going to the Outer Banks could be a day trip!

Charlene said...

Is that an invitation for us to come stay at your house? it is one of the places I've always wanted to visit!!!

Annette said...

Makes me want to come for a visit. Lets see ... Florida ... we have gators, oppressive heat and humidity, a crashing housing market. But it is green!

Holly said...

Great pics. Looks like you are having fun!

alexandra said...

I'm assuming Mount Vernon (which Avery just confirmed by saying "yeah, at least I'm pretty sure").

I need to get into the city more!

The Busby Family said...

I agree, I love living here and will miss it, but we get to come back every few years. It's a great place.

Deanne said...

Okay, now you're just making me sad that we won't be back for another year!

I agree, DC is a great place to live! I definitely miss all the aspects you highlight...but I don't miss the traffic, crowds, and high costs. Trade-offs I guess.

annalisa said...

i'm excited that i'm coming out there:) yay! it's a good place for me to go as a history major!

Mirien said...

Brings back childhood memories. Every summer we'd go visit Grandma and Grandpa in McLean and take in all the sights. I'd love to show my kids but it's so far away! Your #4 is so painfully real as we just took that 9 hour journey between SLC and Denver, through miles and miles of nothing. That is the reason I've been excited about openings in Brian's company back east. We came close to getting jobs in DC and Ohio, but, alas, they were not meant to be, I suppose. For now, anyway. You are right--you live in a great place!

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