Monday, March 21, 2016

Critical Hike

March 19: 
 The last few weeks, Glen, Emma, and Ellie have had their Saturday mornings occupied with their "Savior of the World" play practices.    So Adam and I decided to take advantage of their absence and go on a hike every Saturday while they're gone.   This past Saturday we tried out Scott's Run loop.   We'd hiked here before, but this time I was there with critical eyes to determine if it would be a suitable location for our upcoming YW hike.  

 The scenery was good. 

The waterfall a fun perk.  

And these two sets of stepping "stones" across Scott's Run added a little novelty to the trail.  

Our only complaint was that it wasn't long enough.    
We usually go 5-8 miles and we were looking for a 5-miler for the YW and this loop is only 2.5 miles.   We may just try to add a couple more loops on to increase the mileage or we may try a different trail.   We will see!   

In a major small world moment, I met someone on the trail wearing a Minnesota sweatshirt and I was more than a little surprised when she mentioned that she graduated from the same high school as me!    


March 20:  
Savior of the World practices are picking up in intensity and tonight they wore their costumes for the first time.   I'm trying to be loving and benevolent about all the time away from home, but truth is, I'm definitely looking forward to the whole thing being over next week.   It's been a fantastic spiritual experience for all of them, but I miss our Saturday mornings and Sunday nights and Thursday nights. This week it will be every night but Monday.   

Glen is counting down until the day he can shave! 


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