Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Whizzing By

March 22:   
Sometimes life seems to go by in slow motion, 
and other times it whizzes by in a blur (like this beautiful Cooper's Hawk we saw today).
Right now we're in whiz mode and I feel like I need to stop and take a breath, so I don't miss anything important.   I don't know exactly what it means to stop and take a breath in real life, but I am working on it.  You know, like by getting sick right before Ellie's birthday party that's tomorrow.   And letting myself get really shook up by the terrorist attack today in Brussels.   

One thing I do know is that there are a couple of "extras" in our lives right now that play a huge role in why it feels extra busy.   For instance, the experience of Glen, Emma, and Ellie participating in the "Savior of the World" production has been a meaningful experience that they will never forget.    But I won't miss the frequent practices at far-flung locales.   Nor will I miss teaching the civics class for the coop.    Nor will I miss the ongoing battle I have going with the unreasonable jerk person to right a wrong. 

So for now, I will just think happy thoughts between coughs and keep on keeping one day at a time! 


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