Friday, March 18, 2016

Two People

March 17:  

I pinched TWO PEOPLE today:
1. Glen
2. Emma
 Emma tried to get away with wearing this sticker, but it kept falling off leaving her  with nary a speck of green on her.   Glen didn't even try.   I guess he figured that since he's the boss, no one at work would dare  trying to pinch him.

I definitely did not pinch these TWO PEOPLE today: 

I told off TWO PEOPLE today:
1.  My doctor

2.  The manager at the fitness center we just joined

I thoroughly enjoyed the YW activity that TWO PEOPLE planned:

1.  one of my Laurels planned to make this  ice cream bread
2.  another Laurel planned for us all to sing-along to Disney songs

Now I wish I were TWO PEOPLE.     

My head is barely above water right now and I could really use a clone  to help me get a few things done! 

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