Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!

March 23:  
After weeks and weeks of counting down, my baby girl is ELEVEN YEARS OLD today!   

We started the day with Daddy's special crepe breakfast.  

Then Ellie's primary teacher dropped by with a little treat for her.   

Then, because her birthday is right in the middle of spring break this year, she got to have her birthday party on her actual birthday!  

We made these fun crafts...

watched "Inside Out," played minute to win it games, 

decorated cupcakes, 

and had a lot of fun laughing and being silly together!   

Now, here are ELEVEN things we love about our new ELEVEN year-old!

1. Ellie's enthusiasm for life is unparalleled!  
2. Ellie knows how to get things done! 
3. Ellie is easy-going and is happy to go with the flow!
4.  Ellie's sense of fashion is way better than my own!
5. Ellie is a great conversationalist! 
6. Ellie loves people and is good at showing it!
7. Ellie loves furry things, especially dogs and horses, almost as much as she loves people!
8. Ellie has a naturally cheerful and optimistic personality!
9. Ellie isn't afraid to dive into complicated projects and recipes!
10. Ellie is very in tune to people's feelings and tries hard to help others to feel comfortable and happy.
11. Ellie is a truly creative thinker and often astounds me with her outside-the-box way of looking at things.  


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R said...

Happy Birthday dear Ellie! Happy Birthday to you. You are amazing.

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