Saturday, March 12, 2016

Mulch Madness

March 11:  
Some people start talking about "March Madness" this time of year, but around here we start talking about "MULCH Madness."  What is Mulch Madness?  It's an annual fundraiser we do for our ward's youth group.    It's a HUGE undertaking where we deliver thousands and thousands (this year about 40,000) bags of mulch to local residents and it partially funds all of our youth activities for the summer.  

Usually I let Glen and the kids take the lion-share of our family's involvement with the fundraiser and I stay home with the younger kid(s).   This year, though, Glen was too busy and it was me or nothing, so I've spent the last two days toting vanfuls of youth around town and throwing around 50-lb bags of mulch like they were nothing.  

Here is my crew from yesterday.   

They may be cute and petite, but that doesn't mean they were wimpy!  I got to witness their amazing strength up close and personal!

They were AWESOME!!!!  
...and I slept VERY soundly last night.  

March 12: 
Today we woke up at the crack of dawn to go for day 2 of Mulch Madness.   This time Emma and friends went with another driver and  I ended up with Adam in my group.

He and his friends were bursting with energy and it was fun to watch their enthusiasm and positive attitude for a demanding job.  

I thought it especially funny that they just randomly decided to do a sit-up for every bag of mulch they delivered.  That meant nearly 900 just today and still they were smiling at the end of the day.   

My Saturday work crew!  

We delivered record numbers of mulch this year and still managed to finish in record time.   

We can definitely check this off as another successful MULCH MADNESS fundraiser! 


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R said...

That's a lot of mulch to deliver. You drove the kids around and not the truck with the mulch in surely. Who would ever think of doing a sit up for every bag of mulch they carried. I would imagine they are sore today though.

What hard working young women and young men (and adults).

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